I might fuck around and lose my mind.

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"Hold Me Close"

When the world gets too much, hold me close, when it begins to fall apart, hold me close, when all I can feel is pain, hold me close, when I begin to drift away, just hold me close…

We kissed and became the same, then suddenly I knew your name, you took mine, long stares sent tingles up your spine, besos down on your waistline, you wet as a coastline, drowning, but we’ll be fine, death never do us apart it’s our time… I came with a broken heart but you helped me pick up the pieces, someone to hold me close like Jesus, just hoping that they don’t cease us, stuntin’ on an ex or two hoping that they see us, kids watching hoping they can be us, together like Kelly and Regis… The way your eyes glow at night, I wish I had your sight, you outshine my demons when they begin to fight, and I begin to fright, you hold me close and ask if I’m alright, but it’s too late I died in your arms, goodnight…

Lick a shot.

Lick a shot.

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