It wasn’t love, maybe more of an obsession. She was my muse…

Fell in love for a quick sec…

I still think about her and I know she still think about me. Neither of us was ready, she had her eyes elsewhere but I know the love still there. Got something new going and the connect is strong mentally but I’m afraid the physical won’t be as magnetic as the last. She ain’t willin’ to please and tease like I like. I’m still single and have a crush here and there but shit idk… I’m just writing. I wanna call up the old so we can fuck like we used to but I can’t do it knowing that I probably ain’t the only one. Lord knows whose been hitting that raw. This changing weather always makes me want a girlfriend and have lots of sex. Fuck.


Kanye West- Dark Fantasy

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After the after party Friday, at the cribbo.

After the after party Friday, at the cribbo.

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Devil in a New Dress.